Me as Megurine Luka

Me as Megurine Luka

Uhhmmm Its me as Megurine Luka of Vocaloids in Just Be Friends. Megurine Luka is one of the character of a voice synthesizer software of Vocaloids. But Miku Hatsune was the most popular and well known character of Vocaloid. Well this is the third time I were costume, contact lens, wigs, costume accessories and make ups to portray a character. The first one is Serrah Farron but unfotunately I dont have pink wigs, the second one is a gothic lolita, and here’s the third one.

Megurine Luka on Just Be Friend
is a story of a young smooth sailing couples. They love each other for so long but unfortunately the’re relationship broke up. Megurine Luka Bf Broke up with her. I actually didn’t know the reason but they almost going to be married but they broke. The song was so catchy and deeply sad for me even the song was originally wrote by the boy(bf of Megurine Luka) but sang by Megurine.

Heres some of me as Megurine Luka. Its a half body shoots. Sorry I only had my self to Photoshoot myself…I hope You will Like my shoots… I sew the white dress and made the flower ring headdress… I still need the professional skills in sewing so please bear with my simple dress..thanksss