Toycon June 18 2011

1st day Toycon event

I went to SM Megamall for the 1st day event around 1:30 or 2-ish and I didn’t expect that the event area was so crowded. I dont have much time to roaming the area because 1st. I spent 1 hour in changing for my gothic lolita costume 2. My phone drop dead and I spent 1 hour or 2 hours for waiting my friends and photographer friends, but they didn’t come and fetch me so I go inside the venue to find them. Thanks God there’s few of my co-worker and ex-coworker that didn’t let me alone in the event..Thank you so much guys!!!
So I don’t have pictures of the booth.. but I’ll try next time. Im not into toys and figurines but Soon I will post some of toys that will surely caught your attention. We’ll I love accessories so Soon I will post accessories too.. So Here are my photos in the Event. Its all my chop chop costume… Its my original character. Sorry for those asking what I’m cosplaying. Honestly Its my creation…

Photo of Master Jio Verona
me and my friends
the mark that were in the toycon
me and a new cosplayer friend

me and behindinfinity aka jin joson
me and ms. selina romero

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